About Us

Albanian Culture TV first aired in the service of the Albanian-American community during Albania’s the 85th anniversary of Albania, on November 28, 1997.
The founder of this television show, Adem Belliu along with his family, were Albanian immigrants coming to the US after the 1990’s.
Albanian emigrants felt the lack of Albanian media in American television in the first years of emigration.
Initially, the purpose of this television show was to become a bridge between the motherland and the Albanian American diaspora by broadcasting Albanian cultural activities.
Over the years and gaining experience, the Albanian Culture TV staff has created a broader vision to serve the cultural cause and to keep alive the Albanian tradition and heritage.
Consequently, the mission of this television entity became more forward-looking and concretely brought to the screen the political,
social and cultural activity of Albanian people in America in the service of national goals in Albanian territories.
Albanian Culture TV has been present in the everyday life of Albanian-Americans, which is reflected in the weekly TV shows produced in the studio of Albanian Culture.
The 23-year long archive of Albanian Culture TV is the digital history of the economic, social, artistic, and cultural development of the Albanian diaspora of America.
These last 23 years are a historical balance that reflects the growth and development of the Albanian-American community with young immigrants from all over Albania.